Information about UNIVER platform 

short description

        The system is a development of the AJ Research company aimed at meeting to the needs of large educational institutions and private teachers in modern distance learning.       


  A distinctive feature :  

-   the  use of a simple workflow for creating a course in educational institutions ( like university, schools, training center)

-   a teacher can use a standard smartphone and a microphone to broadcast lessons, while simultaneously recording them into his  account and giving access to his students, both online and in recording  lesson.

 -    after the broadcast and recording, the teacher can add additional materials in different formats, as well as check and sort the materials . Then the course is ready for publication and monetization.     


      At  process monetization additional to READY materials (video, text , images) possibly sale  ONLINE lessons & consultations, because ONLINE features included in platform. 


    There are no systems on the market to provide such a workflow. Only individual components of such a   service are offered, no complex platform represent all features .      

    The system UNIVER creates a training course experience and stores training materials in the cloud. Provides student access to signed courses and online rooms for teachers for communications.   

     The order of formation of the course is unique and is not represented in other systems , because simultaneously with the recording of the lecture, teacher can have live broadcast in the teacher's virtual online room. The online lecture can be seen by the entire training group, ask questions in a text chat. -the system of restricting access from the teacher and from the student, allows you to limit the time and volume of courses, depending on the parameters of the courses

 - copyright protection is provided and the inability to download material in the learning process by students-for large educational institutions


- a branded version with logos and design of an educational institution for students with a volume of 500 students and a set of courses for them for at least a semester (or for a separate payment)  The  service is a client-server technology. The server is the main center for storing information and organizing access. The client side is represented by an application for students and an application for teachers.

    Teacher client - streaming lessons, showing recorded lessons to students, course shaping and selling. The student's client - the choice of training courses, payment and access to courses, viewing lessons online and in recording, using different types of information materials, passing tests and obtaining certificates, individual online consultations with the teacher in the learning process.  Features of the teacher's client:

- creating and forming a description of the course 

- the cover of the course;  

- Recording the training video to the teacher's account; 

- broadcasting the video online to subscribed students; 

- adding training materials of different formats (pdf, doc, mp4, avi, jpg. png) to the teacher's account; 

  adding a comment for each training course material for the student formation of the training course,

 -  sorting of training materials,  

 - determining the price of the training course and publishing the course for everyone;  

 - support of the training course 

  - conducting remote online communications, adding additional materials, conducting exams and tests Features of the student's client:

 - choosing training courses by cover and content course

 - payment for the course and gaining access to the course

 - gaining access to all course materials -gaining access to online teacher conferences-personal communication via chat and videoconference with the teacher-passing tests and exams-obtaining a certificate

 - obtaining additional consultations with the teacher for an additional feeFor addition material and receive information about development project is need sign NDA contract and communicate to owners  to - director@ajresearch.org  


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