scolarship  features


     Platform UNIVER - this is effective solution for use in university , schools and education organization . It is easy to integrate into the educational process. 
      For  most of teachers no need change their standard workflow , UNIVER developed for easy to implement in the educational process and provides great benefits

Adapt and use application for you school and get school brand name on application. It is populate you organization and get developmeny of you. 


   Cooperation for us  - get you possibility to adapt application for needs of you school.
We can add-on any functions and features  on demand. 
It is effective , rationally and cheeper then create  new application

For use application not critical important buy professional equipment. Simply use good smartphones , web-cameras .


   Use smartphone to different application 

                Your face-to-face classes can see children , students then stay at home. 
              All students can repeat your lesson and take maximum efficiency of study


     Student can use remote test & training for improve their competence


Fast monetisations 
Univeristy , schools can make proposal for study that include LIVE communication teachers with student or without.


You offline ! You can use this site & application offline if already see pages !

UNIVER - universal