add any educational  material

             Do you have a ready course?    

Do you already have a completed course?

There is nothing easier than placing it in the UNIVER system.

1. Download the UNIVER app

2. Create your account in UNIVER app

3. Upload all files on the course

4. Rename all files in the list of materials, define the order of the materials  in the list.  

 5. Pre-Publish you course to check manager  and communicate to her .

        For start process of downloading - open Download page of  UNIVER app.


           For start downloading - press button ( IMAGES / DOCUMENTS / VIDEOS ) and select files for download. Then you select files - process of downloading is started.  

           UNIVER system accepts files   

       video -  mp4 , avi , 

       audio - mp3 ,  text - pdf,  docx , txt , images - jpg, png , gif .

       Then file uploaded  - it appear in the main list .          

       When you are press to file in main list  FILE PANEL open - 


     FILE panel open. In Information panel you can enter information about file and position that file in Main List of learning course.             

       The comment is needed for students to understand what is inside this file. It is recommended to use simple and clear comments no more than 9-10 words long. The comment is added in the file panel when you click on the file name.               

       In this panel, you can add all the necessary information, select the order in the course and publish (unpublish) this material.


Everything is simple, fast and convenient. 

This is the UNIVER platform - which is designed for your convenience.

You offline ! You can use this site & application offline if already see pages !

UNIVER - universal